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We provide Online Casino players find the best and hottest live dealers on the Internet.  Our site breaks down where to find live dealer tables and the best strategies for success at online casinos.  Get informed before you sign up to a casino with our expert live dealer reviews and extensive research team.

With all of the innovative technology that online casinos have many have yet to prove that the casino games are fair.  Many online casinos have a RNG computer program that randomly generates the odds for their online games which is never 100% correct.  The beauty of live online casino dealers is that all of the games are actual casino odds so there is no chance of a player being cheated.  This is why the popularity of live casinos is taking off especially in Asia where many non-live casinos are notorious for cheating players.  With live dealer casinos players can feel safe when playing and have real casino action from the comfort of your home.

If you are interested in trying out a live dealer casino check out the live casinos section for more information.  If you are looking for a particular casino game head over to live games section to get all the information on games.  If you are an experienced player and would like a special promotion perhaps our promotions page is for you.

Playing at a live dealer casino is simple and HotliveDealer.com has made it easier with explanations on how to sign up, how to make a deposit and the rules of games to play.  First you will need the particular casino you are interested. if you want to play with real money Once you have found this you will need to make a deposit into the casino, deposits are simple depending on your area you can simply make a bank transfer or deposit with your credit card.  Contact our support for more information on deposit methods in your particular location.

HotliveDealer.com has you covered for everything live dealer.  Get informed and have fun.